2021 Worlds Prep — DetonatioN FocusMe (LJL Seed)

Top Takeaways

League overview

Team overview

Game Line

Players per role


Gold Graphs — Regular Season + Playoffs

Early Game

Early Gold & Objectives

Early Kills

Lane Phase

Coloring highlights stats relative to their position ranking

Objective control


Tempo stats

Snowball stats look at WIN% with the desired category

Players to watch



Picks to watch

Bans Against DFM

*This is the % of total LJL bans that were targeted at DFM

Evi as Renekton

Steal as Shaco

Aria as Ryze & LeBlanc

Other DFM picks to watch (high PICK or WIN%)

Breakout (optional)

Steal’s early game attention

All rankings are within the player’s position, color coding is within DFM. *Reminder that TEAM JP is the Jungler’s overall JP



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