2021 Worlds Prep — Beyond Gaming (PCS Seed 2)

Top Takeaways

Region Overview

Team Overview

Game Line

Players per role


Gold Graphs

Regular Season+Tiebreaker


Early Game

Gold & Objective Stats

Kill stats

Lane phase stats

*Doggo has 0 Senna games played

Objective control

*SOUL Time is out of 9 teams since ALF did not secure SOUL during the regular season
*LT is out of 9 teams since PSG did not lose a game during the regular season

Resource stats


Early Game

Objective Control

Standout Player

Players to watch


Narrative: Doggo

Doggo stats


Picks to watch

Bans Against BYG

Target Bans against BYG

*This is the % of total PCS bans that were targeted at BYG

Husha as Volibear

Maoan as Ryze

Doggo as Aphelios

Other BYG picks to watch (high PICK or WIN%)

Breakout (optional)

*Liang did not start 5 games this Split, so totals will not add up to 100% for these 5 players



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