2019 Worlds Prep — DetonatioN FocusMe (LJL Seed)

Top Takeaways

  • Exactly the same Roster as MSI earlier this year
  • Was tied for first, winning out on head-to-head tiebreaker
  • So their Summer was less dominant than Spring
  • Still an early game powerhouse with large gold leads gained through lane pressure
  • Best objective control in the LJL Summer with fast win times
  • Still have Evi (Top) and Yutapon (Bot) as the main carries
  • Ceros (Mid) requires low resources

League overview

  • The 2019 LJL Summer is an 8 team, triple round robin tournament
  • Each match is best of one
  • The top 3 teams advance to the Playoffs, a King of the Hill Gauntlet style single elimination bracket
  • 1st Place gets a bye into the Finals
  • The Playoff bracket looked like this:
  • The Playoffs were played on Patch 9.16

Team overview

  • Second year in a row DFM will be the team attending Worlds from the LJL
  • 4/5 members from last year’s roster, 5/5 from their MSI roster
  • Last year’s Worlds was the best an LJL team has ever done, qualifying for Play-In Knockouts (and losing to EDG 3–0)
  • Missed qualifying to MSI Play-In Knockouts by 1 game (were 4–2 in a group with a 5–1 VEG while PVB and FB were 4–2 in the other Group)
  • Had a much less dominant Summer than Spring
  • Were 17–4 in Summer, losing 4 games in their 21 game Split
  • 2 losses were back-to-back in Week 1 &2, losing to both other Playoff teams
  • Tied with 2nd place CGA, but owned the head to head against them 2–1
  • Lost Game 1 of the Finals, then won
  • 3 in a row to 3–1 V3 and become LJL Champions

Game Line

Players per role

  • We include all players who have played 30% or more of the average number of games for a player in the league, for the LJL these are how many players are included in the ranking for each position (rankings are always among position unless otherwise stated):


Gold Graphs — 2019 LJL Summer Regular Season + Playoffs

Early Game

DFM Early Game Gold Stats — 2019 LJL Summer Regular Season + Playoffs

  • DFM have the best early game stats in the LJL
  • Don’t need to rely on early game kills to get them
  • DFM as a team has higher FWD%, decent CSD’s, but low K+A@15 (see below)
  • They also have League-leading FT% and FD% stats, but not FB%
  • Despite early game leads, they do not seem to prioritize Rift Herald
  • Even though they have high TD@15

DFM Top Side Laning Stats (all stats @15) — 2019 LJL Summer Regular Season + Playoffs

  • Steal has the highest JP-D for Junglers in LJL
  • Evi has the lowest JP for his role, but has really good stats
  • Including highest CSD/GD and 2nd highest FWD% for his role
  • Evi sees less of Steal than the enemy Jungler early game

DFM Bot Side Laning Stats (all stats @15) — 2019 LJL Summer Regular Season + Playoffs

  • Bottom side of the map (mid, Bot, Support) have Top 2 or 3 JP/JP-Ds for their roles
  • Despite this, bottom lane does not have the highest ranking in a laning stat

Objective control

DFM Objective Stats — 2019 LJL Summer Regular Season + Playoffs

  • DFM’s early leads transition into strong objective control later game
  • Able to close out games 38 seconds faster than the avg LJL game
  • 2nd in Avg WT at 31:29, which is a whole 1:27 faster than avg
  • Have the 3rd highest BPP in the LJL (+3,799) which is +335 above avg

DFM Snowball Stats (when DFM have X, they have X WIN%) — 2019 LJL Summer Regular Season + Playoffs

DFM Snowball Stats (when DFM have X, they have X WIN%) — 2019 LJL Summer Regular Season + Playoffs

  • The early game leads DFM secure often times snowball into victory
  • Their first dragon win rate is extremely high
  • As emphasized by their gold graphs and these stats, you can tell when a DFM game is going their way very early on
  • Somehow, DFM are even better when they DON’T have a Lead@10 compared to when they do

Players to watch

Evi and Yutapon as Carries

DFM Share Stats — 2019 LJL Summer Regular Season + Playoffs

  • Similarly to Spring Split, DFM’s main carries are in Top and Bot Lane
  • Despite getting a large amount of resources, Yutapon’s damage numbers are lower
  • He does have a high DMG/M-D however, which could be pick-dependant
  • Evi has the top damage numbers for his role
  • His DMG% and GOLD% are almost the same as Ceros (-0.4pp and +0.2pp)


Gaeng Stats — 2019 LJL Summer Regular Season + Playoffs (Support Ranking)

  • Has the highest KDA in the LJL and the 2nd highest KP
  • Much like when coming into MSI, Gaeng is a big part of DFM’s success
  • Has only played 3 Champions that take Targon’s: Nautilus, Braum and Volibear

Picks to watch

Evi as Gnar

  • 11W-0L Record, 4.5 KDA
  • Most played Champion and an incredible record on the pick

Evi as Tahm Kench

  • 4W-1L Record, 2.9 KDA, 6 Solo Kills
  • Seemingly a complete style shift from what his stat lines show
  • Evi’s Tahm Kench has his 2nd lowest DMG% as a Champion (20.9%, just above 1 Renekton game @ 20.3%)
  • It is his 2nd most played Champion behind his Gnar

Steal as Sylas

  • 4W-1L Record, 3.9 KDA
  • Most played Champion, and synergy with his name

Ceros as Heimerdinger

  • 4W-0L, 4.0 KDA
  • Teams are still regretting letting Ceros get Heimerdinger

Ceros as Karma

  • 4W-0L, 11.3 KDA
  • His second lowest DMG% Champion (19.9%, Neeko is lowest at 15.6%)
  • Supportive style Champion fits with the playstyle of DFM

Yutapon as Ezreal

  • 5W-1L Record, 4.0 KDA
  • More comfort, has a 52.1% K% and 32.0% DMG% on Ezreal in Summer

Gaeng as Rakan

  • 5W-1L Record, 6.4 KDA
  • Most played Champion

Breakout (optional)

Ceros — What does he do?

Ceros Laning Stats (all stats @15) — 2019 LJL Summer Regular Season + Playoffs

Ceros Share Stats — 2019 LJL Summer Regular Season + Playoffs

  • Ceros has the 2nd highest JP for his role and highest FWD%
  • Ceros doesn’t translate this to carry stats later on
  • Could be that Ceros moves more on Supportive picks (See — Picks to Watch)
  • Ceros split 3 games with Ramune in the Summer
  • Ramune had a 24.2% CS%15–30, and had a similar style to Ceros resource-wise

Yutapon as Kai’Sa

  • 5W-2L Record, 4.3 KDA
  • Most played Champion, but has a lower DMG% than other popular Marksman picks (26.7%)
  • Interesting to note that one of the top 2 Marksman picks INT’L doesn’t have better stats from the carry player on DFM
  • Even more so when your Mid Laner plays Karma and your Support favors Enchanters

Gaeng as Lux and Yuumi

  • 3W-0L Record on both picks
  • 10.0 KDA, 15.9% DMG% as Lux
  • 16.0 KDA, 23.2% DMG% as Yuumi
  • Gaeng’s high DMG% numbers on these picks (6 of 25 games, 24% of the Summer) may be skewing some of the DMG% numbers for Yutapon’s picks



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