2018 Worlds Prep — MAD Team (LMS Seed)

  • Liang — Top Lane
  • Kongyue — Jungle
  • Uniboy — Mid Lane
  • Breeze — Bot Lane
  • K — Support
  • GreenTea — Coach

Top Takeaways

  • Former ahq Fighter (their Challenger squad) team with the same roster
  • Took 2nd place in both the Summer Regular Season & Playoffs
  • Early game is important, 23–3 record with a Lead@15
  • Very good first objective secure rates, either 1st or 2nd in the LMS
  • Struggles if they fall behind early, going 1–13 with a Deficit@15
  • Jungler Kongyue is their early game, with a +463 GD@15 when MAD as a team has +398 GD@15
  • Very vision-centric Support play from K, was 3rd in MVP votes
  • Transition their early objective focus into good mid/late game Dragon & Baron Control
  • End games relatively fast, especially after securing Baron

League overview

  • The LMS is a double round robin, Bo3 format
  • There are 14 matches played by each of 8 teams
  • After 8 weeks of play, the top 4 move on to Playoffs
  • The 8th place team falls into the Promotion Tournament
  • The Playoffs are a 4 team “gauntlet style” bracket
  • ‘Quarterfinals’ pits 4th seed vs 3rd seed, winner advancing to play 2nd seed, then meet 1st seed in the Finals
  • We include all players who have played 30% or more of the average number of games for a player in the league, for the LMS league these are how many players are included in the ranking for each position (rankings are always among position unless otherwise stated):

Team overview

  • Became a team in November of 2017, acquiring the LMS slot & roster of ahq’s “B team” ahq Fighter
  • Added 2 new players in the Bot lane, Rock swapped to top lane (sub)
  • Finished 4th in 2018 LMS Spring, losing in Semifinals to G-REX
  • Attended Rift Rivals, going 0–2 for the LMS vs LPL & LCK
  • Finished 2nd in 2018 LMS Summer, losing to Flash Wolves in the Finals
  • Went 10–4 in Matches & 21–13 in Games during the Regular Season
  • Qualified for Worlds based on Championship Points
  • Fun fact: “Main Team” ahq was 6th in Spring, then last place in Summer while MAD was in Playoffs


MAD Team Gold Graphs, Early Game

MAD Team 2018 Summer LMS — All games gold graphs

  • One common thread in MAD’s games is that between 10–15 minutes, you can already tell if the game was a win or a loss
  • MAD was 18–4 with a Lead@10, improving to 23–3 with a Lead@15
  • Inversely, MAD was 6–12 with a Deficit@10, falling to 1–13 with a Deficit@15
  • There are a few exceptions (a loss to GRX, a win vs JT)
  • Analysis on MAD win-loss with M-LEAD/M-DEFICIT available in Breakouts

MAD Team early game stats compared to FW stats in 2018 LMS Summer

  • MAD secured the first objectives & early game leads in over half their games
  • But when compared to Flash Wolves (the 1st place team) the biggest difference comes from First Tower
  • FW had an LMS-best 1.6 T@15 while only losing 0.6 Opp. T@15 (a +1.0 TD@15)
  • MAD was even with 0.9 T@15 & 0.9 Opp. T@15, but went 18–3 when taking First Tower
  • I bring this up because while MAD is a strong early game team, they seem to opt in to trades/have slightly less macro sense than other strong early teams
  • A poor trade, and suddenly MAD does not have the Lead@10/15, struggling to come back — unlike FW who can catch back up in kills (high CK/M)

MAD Team 1st objective timers in 2018 LMS Summer

  • MAD have the latest avg FB time, but still secured it the 2nd most in the LMS
  • This may be because MAD have the latest FB in LMS this split, 17:59
  • They have the fastest avg FD & FT Time

Late Game Control — Objectives, Gold & Game Time

MAD Team Objectives & Gold in 2018 LMS Summer

  • Once again, MAD team is only behind Flash Wolves in terms of their mid/late game
  • Because they tend to get ahead or behind, they spend less than half their games CLOSE
  • As evidenced by their 2nd M-LEAD & 7th M-DEFICIT, they tend to be on the lead end more than most teams
  • On top of their 2nd rank BARON%, MAD Team have:
  • A 19–5 Record when taking First Baron (79.2% WR, 3rd)
  • 14 Game-Ending Barons (2nd most)
  • An avg 5:36 from Baron take to game end (2nd fastest)
  • An avg +4,561 gold BPP (4th)

MAD Team game times in 2018 LMS Summer

  • MAD completes games quickly, regardless of win or loss
  • They are still 3:32 slower than FW in Wins
  • They were on the receiving end of a loss in the fastest game the this Split vs FW (18:52)
  • MAD’s avg First Baron time is 27:49, with the above 5:36 avg time from Baron to game end in mind — they are just 2 seconds shy of their avg win time.

Players to watch

Kongyue — Jungle

  • Kongyue was voted the “Most Improved Player” in the LMS Summer Split
  • He made the LMS All-Pro team as starting Jungler

Kongyue in the 2018 LMS Summer Split

  • On avg, Kongyue’s GD@15 was larger than his entire team’s
  • His CSD@15 is even more impressive when you remember that MAD ran 0 funnel comps
  • His 3rd rank KP among junglers was also the highest KP on MAD

K — Support

  • K was 3rd in votes for the “Most Improved Player” in the LMS Summer Split
  • He also finished 3rd in votes for the MVP of the Split award
  • He was the 2nd Support behind MVP SwordArt

K in the 2018 LMS Summer Split

  • K was the vision master on MAD
  • K had a league leading Wards Placed per Minute, Control Ward Purchased per Game

Picks to watch

Liang as Non-Tanks

  • Liang on non-Tanks is:
  • 9–5 Record (64.3% WR), 3.2 KDA
  • Lian on Tanks is:
  • 11–10 Record (52.4% WR), 3.5 KDA
  • He doesn’t play or the other better so to speak, but MAD wins more when he’s not a tank
  • For a better look at Liang, check the Breakouts section

Kongyue as Trundle

  • 8–4 Record, his most picked Champion by far. 6.9 KDA, 80.9% KP

Kongyue as Kindred

  • 5–1 Record, 6.6 KDA, 63.9% KP
  • 10 bans against MAD

Uniboy as Swain

  • 7–5 Record, his most picked Champion by far. 8.2 KDA, 77.9% KP
  • Could flex to bot lane, but of the 13 picks, 12 have been mid lane

Breeze as Ezreal

  • 9–7 Record, 7.9 KDA, 75.7% KP
  • 9 bans against
  • this means Ezreal was pick/ban in 62.5% of MAD games

Breeze as Ashe

  • 6–2 Record, 15.8 KDA, 67.7% KP
  • Ashe is his best win-loss ratio pick and has his highest KDA

K as Rakan

  • 6–2 Record, 15.8 KDA, 81.4% KP (his best champ in those 2 categories)
  • Breeze has played ZERO games as Xayah in Summer

Breakout (optional)

From Gold Graph — “By 15 mins you can tell if it’s a win or loss”

MAD’s M-LEAD/DEFICIT Count @15 in 2018 LMS Summer

  • MAD are 23–3 with a Lead@15, and 1–13 with a Deficit@15
  • The avg Lead@15 in the LMS to count as an M-LEAD is +1,426.95 gold
  • The avg Deficit needed for those times would be the inverse, -1,426.95
  • If MAD already have an M-LEAD early on, they have only lost one game
  • However, if they have an M-DEFICIT early on, they have won zero games
  • So when looking at the gold graph & their playstyle, it is very hard for them to lose when gaining large early advantages, but consequently also very hard for them to win when they fall behind if an opponent gets those same early advantages for themselves
  • However, if they stay CLOSE @15, they are 11–4 in games
  • Close would be defined as time between the values of M-LEAD/DEFICIT
  • For @15, MAD would be between +/-1,426.94 gold

From Early Game — What do MAD’s lanes do?

MAD’s early game by lane in 2018 LMS Summer — Non Funnel Games

  • Despite their 2nd in the league GD@15 as a team, MAD’s lanes don’t have significant advantages
  • They all get above average attention (JP) from Kongyue, but are below average in almost every laning stat
  • Uniboy has the highest MID JP & MID JP-D, but the 2nd lowest FWD & CSD@15
  • Breeze is the only laner that has a positive GD@15, but he is still bottom half of the LMS
  • They don’t die a lot either, indicating they just play super safe in lane
  • Liang avg 0.63 D@15/G (6th least)
  • Uniboy avg 0.33 D@15/G (3rd least)
  • Breeze avg 0.33 D@15/G (2nd least)

MAD Team’s carry players

Uniboy — Mid lane champion pool

  • Uniboy only has positive CSD on 2 of his 10 champions played in Summer
  • His Cassiopeia stands out, however it was used twice as Ryze counterpick
  • He had a +9.5 CSD@15 & a 10/1/14 Scoreline in those 2 games
  • He has a -23.0 CSD@15, 4/0/10 Scoreline in the other 2 games (vs Irelia, Orianna)

Uniboy — Mid lane resource share and damage

  • With how little resources are given to Uniboy, he still plays his part on MAD
  • Positive DMG/M-D & top-half DMG/GOLD show he uses what he gets well

Breeze — Bot lane champion pool

  • Alongside his Support K, Breeze has the smallest unique Champion Pool on MAD
  • Despite good performances on Ashe & Lucian, always goes back to Ezreal

Breeze — Bot lane resource share and damage

  • Breeze is interesting in the fact that while he gets a lot of resources and has an above average DMG%, he still has a low DMG/GOLD
  • Even then, he has a top 3 DMG/M-D
  • Breeze has a 677 DMG/M Ezreal, while the rest of the LMS avgs 628 DMG/M
  • What I’m saying is, Breeze has a high DMG/M-D because he plays a lot of Ezreal

Liang — Top lane champion pool

  • The line in the table divides Tank champions from Non-Tank champions
  • Liang has 1 tank where he is ahead in CS, and 1 tank where he is ahead in Gold @ 15
  • 12 out of the 21 tank games, Liang was in a CS Deficit@15
  • 11 out of 21 tank games, Liang was in a Gold Deficit@15
  • To contrast — Liang has 3 non-tanks where he is ahead in CS, and 4 where he is ahead in Gold @ 15
  • 8 out of 14 non-tank games, Liang was in a CS Deficit@15
  • 7 out of 14 non-tank games, Liang was in a Gold Deficit@15
  • The comparison is close, but the fact that there is one more lane on the map that is ahead @15 to compliment Kongyue’s leads could be why MAD is more successful with Liang on a non-tank
  • The caveats could be his Mundo/Singed play, where he plays a tank AND has either a CS or Gold lead @15.



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